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Medical Transportation Specialty Services

From critical care in our state-of-the -art MICU to basic life support, CHI Health at Home ensures quality care through our unique services.

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Medical Transportation with CHI Health at Home

CHI Health at Home Medical Transportation Services offers comprehensive and compassionate care, while providing a level of service that reflects our dedication and commitment to our patients. With over 30 years of experience, we are deeply rooted in our community and work closely with local hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, hospice care centers, and community partners to provide the level of care each patient needs while being transported to a local care facility.   

Our many services include:

Our MICU nurses have extensive experience and certification in a number of areas of critical care. In addition to state licensure, they are certified in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, trauma, and neonatal resuscitation. With the ability to treat critical patients, our professional nursing staff ensures each patient is well cared for, every time.

Our highly skilled team of paramedics work to provide quality care to every patient we transport. Certified to provide advanced emergency care during transportation to or from a medical facility, our paramedics can administer advanced life support and basic life support measures to patients in their care.

Our EMTs are medically trained and certified to provide basic necessary life support and medical care.  EMTs can also asses and triage patients before or during transportation to a medical facility.

Our 24 hour, on-site dispatch services allow us to provide care and the highest level of customer service. From the moment you call us, our experienced dispatch team is working to coordinate and schedule our crews so you receive a timely response and the level of care needed. Our knowledge of each community we serve plays an important role in our ability to provide timely and comprehensive care for every call we receive.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Transportation

Whether you are looking into transportation services for a family member or loved one, curious about services or exploring costs, we can provide clear answers to any of your questions.

Below, we have addressed some of the most commonly asked questions about medical transportation, how it works and what to expect. Still have questions? Please contact us to connect with one of our local medical transportation providers.

When people need transportation but have medical conditions that need monitoring or make it impossible for them to drive or use public transportation, our medical transportation services are available to ensure safe transport to a care facility. CHI Health at Home provides medical ground transportation for the patients and communities we serve.

Patients who are unable to be transported safely by any other means or who require medical monitoring or treatment while traveling between locations (home, hospital, care facility) are eligible to receive medical transportation.  Due to chronic illness or disease, many patients require constant monitoring of their health (behavioral or physical). Our services also cover transportation for patients who can walk, but require assistance and care, to ensure their health and well-being.

Medically necessary transportation is covered by Medicare and Medicaid. We suggest you consult your managed care or insurance provider for further details on specific coverage.

Medically necessary transportation, covered by Medicare and Medicaid is an affordable option for patients who require this level of care. The cost of services for which patients  are responsible is highly variable; depending on the level of service, frequency of service, distance for trips, insurance deductibles, and others related factors.

During your transport you can expect the highest level of care possible. Our professional and courteous staff will ensure you are safe, comfortable, and your medical needs are met  during transportation to and from your destinations.

Patients are able to use medical transportation service as often as medically necessary.

Our medical transportation services are also available to our communities as we provide medical coverage at special events: sporting events, community festivals, concerts, and more. Our on-site, skilled medical professionals ensures that in the unlikely event a participant or spectator needs first aid or medical transportation, they will receive the help they need when they need it most.

For Greater Cincinnati, please call 513-831-5999. 

In most cases, you will be transferred from a health care facility that will make all necessary preparations.  If you are being picked up from a private residence, please make sure that all pets are contained during our time in your residence.  Please ensure that there is a clear path to where the patient is waiting for the ambulance. Please ensure that you have notified our communications team of any stairs, obstructions, or special instructions prior to the arrival of our ambulance crews.

Personal belongings are important to the patient’s comfort.  However, space can be limited and we don’t want personal belongings to be a distraction or hindrance to patient care.  We ask that our patients try to keep personal belongings to a minimum.  Our associates do have the right to ask for alternative transportation methods for large, heavy or unusually large numbers of personal belongings.

On non-emergency transports—one family member can ride in the front of the ambulance, secured in the passenger seat.  During emergency transports, this will be at the sole discretion of the ambulance crew on scene.  All factors will be considered, including safety and the patient’s comfort level.

As part of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), CHI Health at Home is rooted in the healing ministry of the Church. We serve communities in 14 states through more than 60 sites of care – creating more than 1.5 million interactions and positive experiences with patients and families each year.

Our specialized care is designed to the specific needs of each patient. Our individual focus enables us to address a patient’s immediate need, improve the situation and correct any issues that may arise.

CHI Health at Home is properly licensed by the state Boards of Kentucky and Ohio. .

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