Home Infusion Therapy

Home Infusion Specialty Services

CHI Health at Home offers a number of specialty home infusion therapy services to help our patients safely transition care to their home.  Working directly with physicians, we are able to manage a variety of diseases and conditions in a home care setting through qualified and compassionate care.

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Home Infusion Therapy with CHI Health at Home

Through our home infusion services we provide total care for patients with infusion and nutritional therapy needs.  Our pharmacy team works directly with your physician to create an appropriate plan of care. Our experience and expertise ensure the most advanced technologies are utilized to provide the best care available.

Our professional services include (may vary by location):

A team of skilled nurses work directly with each patient’s physician and our pharmacists to provide a variety of infusion services.  Providing treatment tailored to our patient’s individual needs, our nursing team gives quality, compassionate care to everyone we serve. In addition to providing exceptional care, skilled nurses teach patients and caregivers how to use and manage any equipment associated with treatments. Experts in the field, they ensure our patients receive the right medication at the right time, conduct physical assessments, draw labs, trouble shoot issues, monitor progress, regularly update the patient’s physician and pharmacist, and provide support and resources to each patient and their caregivers. Their goal is to provide care, education, and support so our patients remain comfortable and confident at home.  

As part of the home infusion team, our certified pharmacists work with each patient’s physician and our nursing team to deliver their prescribed treatment. Up-to-date on the latest industry protocols and regulations, our pharmacists ensure each patient understands their treatment; what it is for, how it should be taken, and how to minimize possible drug interactions.  Working together and with each patient, our pharmacists and our certified pharmacy technicians are dedicated to maximizing recovery and outcomes for our patients and serve as a true support system in their disease management.

Our state-licensed and board-certified dietitians play an important role in making sure the needs of our nutritionally-compromised patients are being met.  Many serious health conditions can be positively impacted by proper nutrition.  Working with the prescribing physician, our dieticians determine the most appropriate formulations to meet the current and future health needs of their patients based on a variety of factors such as weight, allergies, digestive function, and care plan goals.

Our Nutrition Support Team is an interdisciplinary group of nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and physicians.  They collaborate and discuss the ongoing care plans associated with patients receiving nutritional therapies; primarily Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).  Our experts review and make recommendations on the most appropriate course of care for patients with compromised nutritional status.  The overall goal of this team is to provide the best possible outcomes for these patients while simplifying and organizing their transition from the hospital to their home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Infusion Therapy

Whether you are looking into home infusion therapy for the first time, curious about services, or are exploring costs, we can provide clear answers.

Below, we have addressed some of the most commonly asked questions about home infusion therapy, how it works, and what to expect. Still have questions? Please contact us to connect with one of our local home infusion therapy agencies.

Home infusion therapy is the provision of intravenous (IV) medications through a catheter directly into the patient’s bloodstream. Infusion therapy is prescribed for more serious infections and specialized disorders when oral medications are less effective.  Our services enable patients to receive therapy and treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Once home infusion therapy is prescribed by your physician we will work directly with you to coordinate your start of care. All necessary supplies will be delivered in time for your first visit from one of our nurses. Follow up visits and deliveries will be scheduled at your convenience and we will regularly update your physician on your progress to ensure you receive the best results and outcomes from your therapy.


  • Anti-emetics
  • Catheter maintenance
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration
  • Immune globulin therapy
  • Inotropic therapies
  • IV antibiotics for infectious disease
  • Nutritional therapies
  • Pain management therapies

Medicare Part B covers some home infusion therapies; however there is standard 20 percent copayment for approved services. Medicare Part D will cover the medication you are prescribed, but may not cover the cost of delivery, supplies, and clinical support. Medicaid coverage for home infusion therapy differs by state, but generally covers most medications and services. The CHI Health at Home infusion team is available to answer your questions and help verify your coverage so you know what costs you may be responsible for, if any.

Prior to your first visit, our pharmacy will deliver all equipment required for your prescribed therapy. They will provide a detailed explanation of what is being delivered, resources for your equipment, and contact information for whom to call should questions or issues arise.  

During your first nursing visit, he or she will administer and educate you on your medication and answer any questions about your treatment and equipment. Our goal is to empower you to actively participate in your care for best results. Prior to the end of your first nurse visit, you will schedule your next appointment and any additional follow up appointments. Should you have questions about your therapy in between visits, we have a nurse and pharmacist on call 24 hours a day, seven days as week.

Usually, patients receive frequent visits in the first week of their care, with the goal of working towards weekly visits. Your nurse will come as needed and you will receive weekly deliveries to your home throughout the course of your therapy.

Hands on instruction by a nurse will be provided as well as written instructions. A nurse and pharmacist are always available 24 hours a day for additional help if needed.

Yes, the pharmacy will provide everything necessary for your infusion therapy.

Yes, there are no age restrictions to receive our care.

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) is a comprehensive nutritional liquid compound that is tailored to meet each individual patient’s specific nutritional needs when their body is incapable of absorbing nutrients orally.  It includes vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes at a prescribed volume and infusion rate (either continuously or cycled overnight using an infusion pump). This type of medication is used to help patients receive proper nutrition when their normal digestive processes are not functioning properly.

A pharmacist and nurse are available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week for emergencies, new referrals, or changes in therapy.

As part of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), CHI Health at Home is rooted in the healing ministry of the Church. We serve communities in nine states through more than 70 sites of care – creating more than 1.4 million touch points with patients and families each year.

CHI Health at Home is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), and our skilled team members are board and state certified in their specific disciplines and trained in therapies that improve patient comfort and outcomes.

We are proud to offer collaborative health care services tailored to patients in a home setting where dignity, self-sufficiency, and independence are the priority.

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