Home Care Specialty Programs

CHI Health at Home offers a number of specialty home care programs and services to help patients, families, physicians, and hospitals manage a variety of diseases and conditions in a home care setting through qualified and compassionate care. Our specialty programs and services include:

ARCH Program

The Avoiding Rehospitalization through Care at Home (ARCH) program has changed the culture of post-hospital stay outcomes in home care – successfully cutting readmission rates in half.

This groundbreaking program works by increasing a patient self-care through motivational interviews and coaching. Patients at high risk of re-hospitalization after discharge are assessed for this specialty program to receive tailored interventions through our Chronic Care Management programs.

Learn more about ARCH, and contact us to find out how to put ARCH to work for patients in your community or hospital system.

Chronic Care Management Programs

Our Chronic Care Management Programs are designed to help patients manage conditions like heart disease, diabetes and lung disease from the comfort of their own home. Built on patient self-management, our programs educate and empower patients about their disease to improve long-term outcomes and enhance their quality of life. Learn more about our Chronic Care Management programs.

Home Care Services

Our home care staff provides extensive support, care, and education in a variety of specialties to meet a patient’s needs. Our specialty home care services range from a Care Transition Nurse who will help you seamlessly transition your hospital stay, to a dietician to support your nutritional needs or infusion and respiratory services in the comforts of home.

Focusing on the patient experience from the very beginning, our Care Transition Nurses introduce patients to the services and benefits of home care, ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home, and prepare them for the next steps in their recovery.  

Nurses monitor diet and address special dietary needs to improve outcomes for cardiac, diabetic and wound patients. 

Our I.V. specialists assist with intravenous pain management, fluid replacement, nutrition, and administer chemotherapy and antibiotics.

Caring professionals ease the transition from hospital to home by providing follow-up visits for Mom’s and their newborn with services that include phototherapy which is a treatment for newborns with high bilirubin levels.    

We offer supplemental staffing in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to local hospitals and care facilities. Our experienced staffing coordinators are available around-the-clock to address local and regional staffing needs or requirements. In addition, a staffing coordinator will keep you informed of the status in fulfilling your request. 

Home Telehealth is a service that gives our home care clinicians the ability to monitor and measure patient health data and information over geographical, social, and cultural distances.

All of our nurses are specially trained in wound care and use our extensive Skin and Wound CareLink program protocols to provide the most up-to-date and advanced methods for the treatment and healing of wounds. All of our nurses are trained in using the V.A.C.® Therapy, an advanced system for wound healing.

Experienced nurses and therapists monitor equipment and ensure comfort and care, working closely with physicians to develop a detailed plan of care.