ARCH: Avoiding Rehospitalization through Care at Home

Our ARCH program supports CHI Health at Home and our partner health systems by focusing on at risk-populations to avoid re-hospitalization, minimize the length of patient stay and reduce ER visits. The ARCH program utilizes a specially trained multidisciplinary team to engage patients and their support systems through motivational interviewing and teaching. Areas of focus for the program include:

  • Robust support for patients during transitions
  • Medicine reconciliation and problem solving for adherence
  • Overcoming barriers for adherence to medical regime and medical appointments
  • Early identification of exacerbation for early home intervention
  • Connecting to community resources for support

ARCH drives patient results and delivers monthly case metrics to hospital partners.

As a result ARCH has reduced readmission by 50% in multiple markets.

Contact us to see if a patient qualifies for ARCH, or to become a hospital partner.