A Time of Change and Opportunity

The changing face of health care marks an unprecedented opportunity for us to bring our mission to life with new relevance and renewed determination. It calls us to reinvent the way we do things, introduce innovative programs and provide solutions that positively impact the industry and our patients.

How We're Changing

The challenge of our nation’s rapidly evolving health care environment has catapulted our transformation into a better organization.   

These changes require us to consider, collaborate, and construct relevant strategic imperatives that will advance the value proposition of home-based services:  to deliver specialized care cost effectively at home, with improved outcomes through patient-centered care.


Our ability to adapt to the growing and changing needs of our patients enables us to provide solutions that contribute to the overall health of our patients and the community.  We will continue to generate new ideas to match the needs of those we serve. It is our responsibility to embrace innovation in order to provide extraordinary care.

The Next Era of Health Care

Our strategic plan gives us the opportunity to be a solution and contributor to the future of health care. Through a combination of better quality, patient access and service combined with lower cost, we can lead the change we want to see, today and into the future. 

Connected to the Community

Moving toward the next era of health care as One CHI will create new strength in our system of care as we work to improve our current health care system. While CHI Health at Home has national strength, it also possesses local expertise.  We are committed to serving our patients and the communities, where we live.