Our People and Teams

CHI Health at Home says people first in everything we do. Whether you are a patient seeking answers and support for your health care, a health care professional looking to join an organization where you can make a difference, or an industry influencer with an interest in partnering with a leading network of home-based service lines to bring innovation to health care on the national level, CHI Health at Home begins with a foundation built on bringing service, reverence, and respect to the people into whose homes we are welcomed.

We make our mission a reality, day in and day out. Together, we provide home health care options that are delivered to our patients in their home as a loving family member would. We recognize the compassion we put into our service makes all the difference when it comes to the health care experiences of our patients.

As an organization, we continually focus on clinical and operational excellence, while staying true to our promise to provide quality care the way a loving family would.  Our commitment to our mission and values ensures our ongoing success and strengthens CHI Health at Home for the future.

The health care environment continues to evolve, and so must we. We must become adaptable and agile to diversify the way we serve others. As we support our mission for healthier communities, we rely on every associate.

While we work to better serve our patients and communities, we also focus on the community within CHI Health at Home. The well-being, commitment, and direction of our organization starts with our people and we can’t make a true difference without them.

Staying strong in our commitment to exceeding everyone’s expectations, we continue to be an organization our associates, patients, and communities rely on. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to each and every one of our associates who make CHI Health at Home, and all of our lines of business, truly the best there is.