Our Culture of Ministry

As a member of one of the largest health systems in the country, together, we are able to actively live out our mission through a number of programs and opportunities showcasing our commitment to our healing ministry.

Our Value Proposition

Our commitment is simple; provide the best experience for our patients to improve their overall health, at the lowest cost. 

CHI Health at Home has our patient’s best interests in mind and fully considers their individual health care needs. When our patients interact with a CHI Health at Home associate, they feel as if they are talking to a member of their own family. Our patients trust CHI Health at Home is giving the best, most innovative health care available, while doing so at the best price possible. The service we provide is delivered with compassion and proves we really care about making our patients as comfortable and safe as possible while receiving care in their home.

Better Health

Coordination with partner health systems, physicians and community providers has improved outcomes of targeted populations.

Better Experience

Care is provided in the most preferred setting.  According to a study conducted by Merrill Lynch in partnership with Age Wave, 85% of retirees 50 and older would prefer to receive extended care in their home.

Lower Cost Per Capita

Care at home is provided in the most cost effective setting.  Timely and medically necessary services have proven to lower the total cost of care.

Pillars of Success

CHI Health at Home developed our Pillars of Success to guide strategic planning and development. These five Pillars of Success were established and defined to support the foundation of our organization: our mission and values.


To be an organization that achieves growth through supporting health systems and providers with a range of services in our existing and new markets.    


To be an organization that fosters a collaborative and engaged work environment, centered on our mission and values, where we are the employer and provider of choice.    


To manage the organization in a fiscally responsible manner to achieve budget according to yearly goals.


To be recognized as an organization where each person delivers quality and excellence; in their daily work and the care they provide others.    


Every touch point is to be a positive experience for our patients. Creating positive experiences through our high level of service.  

Our Strategy

Our industry is steadily moving to a system that rewards health care providers for going beyond delivering services, to improving health.  The changing face of health care is our opportunity to bring our expertise to the table and expand our mission. 

Our strong mission and values have prepared us for this transition and the shifting priorities of health care.  Our commitment is simple, yet it meets the needs of our communities. We will provide the best care and experience for our patients to improve their health, at the lowest cost.  We are not just an option, we are the solution.