Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is tied to the distinctive culture of Catholic Health Initiatives and CHI Health at Home. Every associate plays a key role in shaping that culture by acting and working in accordance with our core values and standards of conduct. As part of CHI Health at Home and the health care industry, we all have a personal responsibility to behave ethically and appropriately.

Health care is a complex industry. Many of the laws and regulations that govern health care are difficult to understand and to apply consistently.

Catholic Health Initiatives’ Our Values and Ethics at Work Reference Guide helps associates understand these laws and regulations. Associates can consult this reference guide, which describes CHI’s standards of conduct and how to apply them to daily work situations.

Associates who have a concern about the right way to act in any situation or need help should refer to our reporting process.

Standards Of Conduct

All board and committee members, officers, employees, volunteers, medical staff and others working with Catholic Health Initiatives must act in accordance with the following standards of conduct:

  1. Exercise good faith and honesty in all dealings and transactions.
  2. Create a workplace that fosters community and honors and cares for the dignity, safety and well being of all persons in mind, body and spirit.
  3. Maintain a high level of knowledge and skill among all who serve in order to provide high-quality care and safety.
  4. Observe all laws, regulations and policies that govern what we do.
  5. Maintain the integrity and protect the confidentiality of patient, resident, employee and organizational information.
  6. Avoid conflicts of interest and/or the appearance of conflicts.
  7. Use our resources responsibly.

State Summaries and False Claims Act

In addition to the federal False Claims Act, many states have or are in the process of adopting false claims acts. You are encouraged to periodically check this document, State False Claims Act, for detailed information regarding your state.