An Innovative Force in Home Health Care

No matter what our patient’s home health care needs are, whether it’s home care, hospice, or home infusion therapy, we are here to help.

Our Legacy of Care

Our services reach thousands of people every day.  From our humble beginnings in 1976 servicing one mid-western state, we have grown, caring for patients throughout the United States.  Although our footprint is large, it is our mission to treat each patient and the community they live in as we would our own family.    

CHI Health at Home was founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1976 as our home health care and staffing agency, American Nursing Care (ANC).  In 1984, the organization was purchased by a local hospital, Bethesda, and added another service line supporting medical transportation, called Patient Transport Services. As the organization grew, home infusion, pharmacy and home medical equipment services were added in 1986 under the name AmeriMed to meet the expanding needs of our home care patients.

While providing operational support to each of our services lines has always been a top priority for CHI Health at Home, in 1999 Consolidated Health Services was formed as an umbrella organization to unite each unique service line under one entity and manage such functions as Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Revenue Cycle, and Payroll.  In 2004, AmeriMed entered into a joint venture with CornerStone Medical to provide home medical equipment and oxygen services, so AmeriMed could focus solely on home infusion therapy, products, and services. 

These growing partnerships led the way to collaborating with local health care systems in a variety of our markets, expanding each of our service lines beyond their original scope. Our commitment to providing excellent care and our ability to collaborate with local health care systems provided the opportunity for us to expand each of our service lines in existing markets and create new partnerships in communities across the country.

In 2010, Consolidated Health Services, overseeing the operations for each service line, joined Catholic Health Initiatives to serve as CHI’s national home health provider; CHI Health at Home.  As Catholic Health Initiatives home-based services provider, CHI Health at Home partnered with local hospital systems across all of CHI’s enterprise to operate its home health services. 

1976: American Nursing Care was founded in Cincinnati, OH

1984: American Nursing Care was purchased by Bethesda, Inc.

1984: Patient Transport Services was added to our family

1986: AmeriMed was formed

1999: Consolidated Health Services (CHS) was formed to unite all service lines

2004: Cornerstone Medical Services partnered with AmeriMed and CHS

2010: Consolidated Health Services and all associated business lines became a part of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI)

2015: Consolidated Health Services changed its name and brand to CHI Health at Home.

Our Core Values

Our mission is also supported by our organization’s strong core values.  Our values reflect the deeply held beliefs our mission and vision are built upon, shape our culture, and guide our relationships with those we serve.


To care with listening, empathy and love and accompany and comfort those in need of healing.


Celebrate each person's gift and voice, respect the dignity of all.


Inspire trust through honesty and demonstrate courage in the face of inequity.


Serve with fullest passion, creativity and stewardship, exceed expectations of others and ourselves.


Commit to the power of working together and build and nurture meaningful relationships.